Our history of Kallista, Our history of KALLISTA Jewelry goes back to 1981, when Mr.Mohammad S. Al-Khannah decided to invest in trading jewelry. This was because of his passion for diamonds and precious stones. Thus, it led to the creative creations and jewelry designs that have been distinguished over the past 30 years to produce accurate and a highly professional quality.

    After a period of time there was a 20 years constant rise of innovation and excellence in precise manufacturing and magnificent designs. All our products are available at the branches of AL-Khannah and Benmlih Jewellery which are known to be the best shopping centers in Kuwait. Because of the great passion we have in this industry it led to the development of ideas to transfer branches of jewelry positioned locally to establish a global brand under the name KALLISTA jewelry.

    Thus we started in 2001 in one of the finest cities of the world The Kingdom of Morocco Casablanca. Continuous successes after the other ensured that KALLISTA became the leader in the jewelry industry in the Kingdom of Morocco through its powerful presence in the major cities of Casablanca - Marrakech - Rabat As a result of the success of the heritage and history, this increased Mr.Al-Khannah desire to start to spread internationally as the name KALLISTA became registered globally.

    And these successes made Mr. Al-Khannah's desire to enter the world markets from Morocco, to the State of Kuwait, where he opened the first branch KALLISTA in the State of Kuwait in 2006. This had a major effect on the Kuwaiti society as the outstanding designs held inspirations from the past, and the magic of the future.

    And not only to this extent, but to the continued success,